Callie at 2 Months Old
Callie at 2 Months Old

F2B Labradoodle Puppies BORN

JUNE 24, 2019


Ready For Their Forever Homes 

August 14, 2019





"Fletcher" F1-Chocolate

(I weigh about 48 lbs)



"Calli" F1B-Apricot

(I weigh about 52 lbs)


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Our attention to caring for our pets in a loving manner has lead us to always involve Fletcher and Calli in our family activities at home. Fletcher and Calli also go to work with dad each day and join us on car rides across town and on road trips to grandma and grandpa's house or to the great outdoors.  While Fletcher loves to curl up and cuddle beside us with a thorough back rub, he also loves to run and play and is an excellent bird hunter with pointing and retrieving skills.  Calli's first love is to head to the outdoors and play, while also enjoing a good back rub when relaxing indoors. While Fletcher and Calli both love the outdoors, they are very calm and well behaved while inside and riding in the car.  At our home we treat our pets like our children (they do the dishes, mow the yard, and clean up after themselves)...opps, I meant we love our pets just as we love our children.  Yet, our children argue that we treat our pets better than we treat them...and they might actually have a point!

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