About Us

We live in Wyoming in a rural family home with our children, dogs, and cats. Fletcher and Calli are our breeding Labradoodles that are the most loving dogs we have ever had, and Molly is a new labradoodle puppy addition to our family. We live on 40 acres with lots of wildlife where the dogs and puppies have lots of room to run and play. We fell in love with the Labradoodle breed several years ago, so we decided to pass on the wonderful personality our loving Labradoodles possess for your future family members. We sincerely love the Labradoodle breed and vow to raise Fletcher and Calli's beautiful puppies in a healthy and loving manner to help them transition to your loving home.

 Dogs are Important in our Family!

Rock-a-bye Baby Fletcher in the tree top...

Adult Fletcher relaxing with dad

Baby Fletcher

Baby Calli

The Great Outdoors!

Fletcher, Calli & Lily Sittin' Pretty

        Thank you!  The Johnsons

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